Public Bus / Minivan | Phuket → Koh Lanta

Public Bus / Minivan | Phuket → Koh Lanta



Cheapest direct transfer from Phuket to Koh Lanta by public bus/minivan

UPDATED FOR: October 2022 – May 2023

Direct transfer from Phuket to Koh Lanta.
Budget friendly way of travel. Suitable not only for backpackers and independent travelers.

Bus (Minibus / Minivan) from Phuket departs from Phuket Town – Bus Terminal 1 at specified time. Please refer to our guide below on how to get to the bus terminal from any western Phuket beach by local public transport.

Due to frequent changes to timetable you we will notify on exact departure time after order or your inquiry.

This trip does NOT include pickup service from your hotel. Please be ready at Public Bus Terminal 1 in Phuket Town, or along the highway road #402 – in that case send a Google Maps link with a EXACTLY PINNED location.

Note: Many websites state information that there is no direct ground public connection Phuket – Koh Lanta. This is obviously false information shared in favor of their overpriced services.

  • Departure

    Bus departure from Bus Terminal 1, Phuket Town

  • Departure + 3h

    10 minutes stop in Krabi Bus Terminal, Krabi Town.

  • Departure + 4.5h

    Arrival to Hua Hin Pier. Wait for the ferry to Koh Lanta Noi ~ 0-30 minutes

  • Departure + 5h-6h

    Arrival to Sala Dan, Koh Lanta Yai, bus stops opposite school

How to get to Koh Lanta from Phuket by public bus

1.) Make a booking on

To make sure there is seat available for you prior arrival to the Bus Terminal make a booking here on, after we process the order we will send you booking confirmation and the tickets will be handed out to you at the terminal counter (step 4).

In a case you want to make a booking for today (in a day of travel) and you are sure you can be on the Bus Terminal 1, Phuket Town at departure time, please contact us via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line for instant communication.

2.) Getting from the west coast to the Phuket Town

You can always take a taxi. However much cheaper and fun way to travel to the Phuket Town from any of main beaches on Phuket’s west coast is to take a blue public bus. These buses start to operate at 6:00 in the morning and run until 18:00, every 20-30 minutes. Expect a drive of 45-70 minutes (depends on the departing beach).

happy lanta public minibus minivan phuket koh lanta blue bus
Blue Public Bus

Ask around for a bus stop, or use Google maps to find closest bus stop in your beach town. You can hop on the bus everywhere along its way, just wave hand when it’s approaching you. The ticket to the Phuket Town will cost you around 30-50 THB.

As there are no hard-schedules of the buses start traveling to the Bus Terminal 1 earlier than later, you can always leave luggage at the counter and walk around the city there.

Note: The blue public buses come in different shapes and sizes.

3.) Getting to the Phuket Town – Bus Terminal 1

The blue bus will end its official journey in Phuket Town City Centre, or in the Old Town. However if you are lucky enough you can try and ask driver of the blue bus to take you to the Bus Terminal, in our case he asked for a small extra fare.

Otherwise catch the pink / purple public bus which runs between Downtown and two Bus Terminals. You can expect to pay around less than 100THB/person to get to Bus Terminal 1.

You can also opt for motorbike taxi, or take a walk from Old Town if you have enough time.

4.) Boarding the bus to Koh Lanta

Approach the counter with a sign Koh Lanta and provide your HappyLanta booking details. The ticket will be handed out to you, please be ready to board the minibus at least 10 minutes prior departure.

Note: In a case you arrived to the terminal early collect the ticket and leave your luggage at the counter so you can walk around.

Departure times are subject to change – contact us on Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp for verification when needed to be 100% sure, or it shall be clarified upon order.