Cooking Class – Carving Program

Cooking Class – Carving Program



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Learn How to Carve

Make your food stand out

Cooking classes are open all year.

Fruits and Vegetables Carving is a significant part of Thai culture heritage. This carving technique dates back to the 14th centuries in Thailand during Sukhothai dynasty. The annual Loi Krathong Festival occurs each November where Thai people floats lamps and lantern down a river to honor the water spirits. This Legend has been passed down on and known Chef Teoi will pass this technique and mastery to you! You will learn the arts and mastery of carving equipment and basic fruits and vegetables carving. If you already have a fundamental level of carving knowledge, please let us know. Chef “Teoi” will teach you the next level of engagement through carving mastery. You will be able to make your class looks luxurious by applying a little bit of carving decorations on your plate.

Carving Program

  • 08:00 – 11:00
    • Teach using carving equipment
    • Basic carving fruit and vegetable
    • Food decoration from carving

Class Includes

  • Welcome Drink

  • Welcome Snack

  • Recipes Book

  • Certificate

  • Round Trip Transfers

  • Drinking Water

  • English Speaking Guide

  • Seasonal Fruits